indemnity (n)
object_of  seek :     The claim was settled and Bolton MBC sought an indemnity from insurers .
grant :     However , this provision deals only with the ability of the company to make a loan , not its ability to grant an indemnity .
sign :     The SRA is able to stop signing new indemnities whenever it chooses .
pp_against  liability :     It is possible to agree an indemnity against any liability with a third party .
a_modifier  contractual :     But the Court also stated that the provision for an indemnity would have created a contractual indemnity in any event .
professional :     Professional indemnity for Trust Directors is provided via the NHS Litigation Authority Scheme .
adequate :     Adequate professional indemnity and public liability insurance is considered obligatory .
double :     Double Indemnity An insurance agent and a client 's wife plot to kill her husband .
modifies  insurance :     I am a charity trustee , can I have indemnity insurance ?
insurer :     You pay a premium to a prize indemnity insurer , which funds the prize in the unlikely event that someone actually wins it .
letter :     General Power of Attorney , An indemnity Letter for General Power of Attorney .
clause :     Where the indemnity clause requires the University to indemnify the other party to contract in those circumstances there is usually no problem .
guarantee :     You 'll very likely have to pay a mortgage indemnity guarantee policy .
basis :     PROPERTY CLAIMS These are settled on an indemnity basis - not on a " new " for old or replacement cost basis .
n_modifier  trustee :     Trustee indemnity insurance is a potential benefit to the trustees .
mortgage :     Some lenders do not charge mortgage indemnity fees or have higher or lower property value limits .
NHS :     NHS Indemnity also applies where students are working under the supervision of NHS employees .
liability :     Pension trustee liability Indemnity to Trustees against negligent act , error or omission .
auto :     The Blackpool-based Auto Indemnity Group is recognising the need to invest in staff training and development as consumer demands increase .
pp_in  respect :     He said this : " The measure of damages is not , however , an indemnity in respect of Alpha 's claim .

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